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Dump command/zones for manually moving fluids/solids

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Inspired by the DF command with the same name, I would like to have the option to designate a tile (or gap adjacent to a tile) as somewhere dupes will dump materials.  Ideally it'd work for anything and everything using an interface similar to the storage containers.  For example, you could specify that dupes dump clean water through a gap in the floor into a reservoir or conversely dump the polluted water that they just mopped up into a dirty water reservoir.

An almost identical version of this was requested here by @Interloper

However, I'd like to extend Interloper's feature request to support any item.  One idea is being able to dump water ice blocks into a hot water reservoir.  Or, dropping food into pens/cages/prisoner cells (I know we have access controls on doors but it doesn't hurt being able to do things a couple different ways).  Hopefully other emergent game play options will become available (dropping metals into magma?)

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Dropping water ice to water can be done by putting a compactor restricted to ice into the water. If you want the ice right in the water, you can untick the ice on the compactor every so often but I'm afraid the ice thaws faster when in the compactor than when straight in the water.

The only place where I had issues were water/gas bottles. They get released now which I don't like very much, it makes deconstruction of polluted water pipe going through my clean water reservoir a bit of challenge but at least the game doesn't swarm my base with bottles.

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Having the duplicants drop the mopped up liquids somewhere would be very helpful. More than them disappearing completely. Sometimes you just want to save thole last droplets of water left in the reservoir that the pump cannot get to.

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