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Dupe task switching

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This happens to me a lot when I ask my dupes to dig a new tunnel at a place that's not right inside a base. A dupe comes up, drills a tile, then runs away. Another dupe comes, drills a tile, then runs away. And this repeats until it's done. They don't show any icon, they're not suffocating, though they might have the 'stepped in contaminated water' status and I noticed they often go shower after they dug that one tile. In general they spend way more time running back and forth than digging.

I believe it's because there are just two tiles accessible so a dupe that has nothing to do at the moment picks one tile and comes dig it. In the meantime, another dupe picks the task of digging the other tile. When the first dupe is done he couldn't pick task of digging that tile even though he's standing right next to it so he goes doing something else.

My suggestion: when a dupe picks a task to do, he should check with other dupes that are at the moment on the way to do their tasks and check if switching the task with either of them wouldn't mean they'll each spend less time going there. Then he should switch tasks with the dupe for which they'll save the most time.

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