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Laws of Conservation and ONI

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I was wondering how the community thinks ONI should follow the laws of conservation, you know for energy, mass, electric charge. Right now there are plenty of examples in the game were laws of conservation are not followed. Some are a result of balancing or from having to simplify the simulation overall. The wheezewort as far as I can tell just destroys heat energy. This also means the efficiency and function of many of the machines in the game don't make much sense. The electrolyzer is far to efficient and the coal generator appears very inefficient for the amount of coal it uses. The coal generator consumes 1kg of coal a second to produce 600W or 0.6kJ of energy per 1kg of coal consumed. However a kg of coal contains 29MJ or more of energy. So the coal generator has an efficiency of 0.002%? Ouch, and only 0.016kJ of heat is produced which means 28.999MJ of energy is unaccounted for. My math probably isn't the best, but I think its close. It also does not consume any O2, and its CO2 production is far lower than it should be as well. Technically it is producing O2 from nothing and a huge amount of carbon is vanishing.

Obviously the more the game follows the laws of conservation the more the game will need to be tweaked to maintain the current difficulty. Which means a lot more time and effort to re-balance everything. Additionally, if the environment is to be considered a closed system following laws of conservation closely would make gameplay solutions for super long term sustainability difficult as equilibrium the system finds may not be suitable for dupe life. It seems that it is not intended to be a closed system since geysers, wheezeworts, and other syncs exist. So this is probably less of a concern.

Anyway should this just ignored or hand-waved as something necessary for the game. Or should effort be expended on trying to follow the laws of conservation more closely?


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Hmm... The electrolyzed and hydrogen plant meets my equations based on the convergence formulae.

Water --> Hydrogen + Oxygen. (duh!)
Then the plant keeps it simple, and just uses hydrogen. EASY PEASY symbolism.

So, considering the low values on many things, 600 Is a good conversion of hydrogen to electricity where I stand.

Thus .... REJECTED!

Good day!

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