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Saves Synchronization

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I plan to use a new computer to play the game. Will the steam clouds be enough to save all my play thoughs? I have looked at people saving their 219740 folders and I did the same as backup but I know someone on steam forums are having trouble with doing that and it's not working for them. Has anyone successfully moved their backup 219740 folders and got it working properly?

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Little update:

Yeah replacing the 219740 didn't work for me when I tried on my old computer but the steam cloud save worked when loading the game on this new computer. Only problem is, my 1000 day SW linked to ROG is STILL crashed and unplayable. Really put a damper on this game for me. Sure, I could start a new one or continue with my other 600/1500 days (not SW compatible)..but I'm not going to waste my time and have it crash another world I would have spent so many hours working on. Probably not going to play until they figure out what is going on, I see lots of people having the same issues with the seaworthy crash destroying saves in the bug tracker.

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