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micro manage probs

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I don't know if some one has brought this up but the AI is just plain stupid oh i'm hungry and the only food available is the fruit noone has harvested yet I guess i'll starve instead of harvesting the food right in front of me, oh i'm stressed out of my mind well i guess I'll puke or destroy something instead of using the message table thats right there and unassigned. The AI needs to be a tad bit smarter I know this is a game about micromanaging a colony but i shouldn't have to tell them constantly to go to a message table or pick ******* fruit when I have a thousand other thing I need to worry about , do you have any idea how ******* annoying it is to assign 20 people to M tables only for them to unassign them selves when they become destressed, like really I play this game to keep a colony alive not to micromanage ******* stress levels and make sure they eat and not starve them self's cause their too stupid to pick some ******* fruit when it's ready.

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