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Control settings - no left mouse?

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"Can someone help me solve a problem please, i some how managed to change my right mouse setting to my left mouse in the control settings of the game and now i cant change anything. I can open the options menu in the start screen. It still accepts the left mouse, but then my mistake takes over and the left mouse functions as the cancel option and only takes me back to start screen. Steam saves the settings when i reinstall the game. Is there a way to reinstall fresh or change what i did wrong ?"

I copied the question from this link: 


I got the same problem, but he didn't say how he solved it. So i'm stuck!


Love this game, but, I can't play it without the left click.

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Hello @alf petter, welcome to the forums.

I think I figured out how to fix that, I don't know if its the correct fix but might as well check if it works for you. Go to Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded and delete the file called keybindings.json. Then start up ONI again. Hopefully that works.


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