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3 Big Suggestion for future content

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Number 1:  Nuclear Reactor & Radio Active Elements
Let's Start with the Elements. The Elements, Plutonium, and Uranium are Solid Blocks like copper, sand, etc. But When dug they will decay similar to Slime. Plutonium and Uranium Decay Much Faster than slime and are used to power the Nuclear Reactor. 

Nuclear Reactor: Nuclear Reactor will be a Tier3 Research in the Power tab. Takes in 500Kg of Plutonium or Uranium. Generates 1000Watt. Needs to be build submerged. Nuclear Reactor does not operate if not enough liquid covers it. the Nuclear Reactor Generates a lot of Heat causing water to vaporize very quick.  The Generator Also Creates "Radioactive waste" 500Kg Plutonium/Uranium Generate 50Kg Radioactive Waste.

Radioactive Waste: Output through Liquid Vent, however, its not a liquid it will drop as a solid waste similar to contaminated dirt. Radioactive waste can not be decomposed or recycled into something else. it will naturally decay or "vanish" after 3 cyles. during those 3 cycles, Radioactive waste Generates "Radioactive Oxygen" Each Waste produced by the Reactor is 10Kg which will Produce 1000g of Radio Active gas. so 

Radioactive Oxygen" Breathable Gas with the note (Radioactive). Causes the Dupes to be Stressed. Damages the Dupes over time, similar when holding their breath. however, unlike other Gas, the Dupes will not run too the next Breathable Oxygen to recover their Health instead they will die. to Balance this, the amount of Health they lose is fairly low maybe half a cycle before they run out of health. Health would be recovered through the Ingame Medicine options. Radioactive Oxygen will decay to Normal Oxygen after 8 cycles to a fourth of the amount. which means a room with 4000g Radioactive Oxygen will decay to 1000g Oxygen. 

Radioactive (Status): Dupes that Breath in Radioactive Oxygen will get the Negative Status "Radioactive" which increases the Chance of getting sick significant and will run out of Air quicker when holding their breath.

Sum Up:
- Radioactive Elements are used as a Fuel for the Reactor.
- The Reactor Needs to be Submerged to work.
- Heat is Produced which will Vaporize Water around the Reactor.
- Reactor Produces waste and Radio Active Oxygen like this; 500KGFuel -> 50KG Waste -> 5000g Radioactive Oxygen -> 1250 Oxygen.
- Negative Status that increases chances of getting Sick and reduces Hold Breath duration. Live Threatening.

Number 2: Gasification, Advanced Decor Air Separator, Helium, Nitrogen, Neon, and Neon Light-tubes

Gasification: Tier 4 Research tab, requires advanced filtration to be Researched. Content; Air Separator.

Air Separator: a 4x3 Building, can be found in the “refinement” tab. Contains a wire input, and a Liquid Input and 4 Gas Outputs. Takes in 10KG of Liquid Oxygen and turns it into 3500g Neon Gas, 5000g Nitrogen, 750g Steam and 750g Helium.

Neon Gas: A Gas used to maintain Neon Light tubes.

Helium and Nitrogen: Will be covered in Number 3.

Advanced Décor: Tier 2 Research tab, Requires Interior Décor to be Researched. Contend; Neon Light-tube and Cryo Memorial.

Cryo Memorial: Will be covered in Number 3.

Neon Light-tube: A 1x2 Building, can be found in the “Furniture” tab. Contains a wire input, and a gas input. Takes in 5Watt and 200g Neon Gas. Produces light in various colors (Blue, Green, Red,). Covers 2 tiles in length in light and 6 tiles in height or until it hits a solid tile. (If Lightbulbs reduce stress by a 1. value then Neon light-tubes reduce stress by 1.5. Example; Lightbulb reduces sress by -0.4/s then Neon Light-tubes reduce stress by -0.6/s)

Sum Up:
- 2 New Research Tabs; Gasification and Advanced Decor
- 2 New Buildings; Air Separator and Neon Light-tube
- 3 new Gases, Helium, Neon and Nitrogen.

Number 3: Cryotec, Cryostat, Cryo tile, Cryo Memorial Liquid Helium and Nitrogen

Cryotec: Tier 3 Research tab, requires  Temperature modulation to be researched. Content; Cryostat. cryo tile.

Cryostat: a 1x2 Building, can be found in the “Food” tab. Contains a wire input, Gas input and a liquid outpud. Takes in 50watt, 1000g of Helium and outputs 500g of Liquid Helium. Seeds can be planted. The Cryostat converts the Helium into Liquid Helium by cooling it off. The perfect building for Chilly wheezewort.

Cryo tile: Used to Build walls and floors. Can be found in “base” tab. Absorbs Heat and cools its surroundings. Requires 50KG of Solid Nitrogen (frozen Nitrogen)

Cryo Memorial: A 1x2 Building, can be found in the “Décor” tab. Reduces the Spread of Diseases and Stress caused by dead dups. Also, functions as a décor similar to a painting or sculptor.  (cannot be modified by dupes like empty paintings or sculptures. Has the same Stress reduction as a mediocre painting) Requires 80KG of Liquid Nitrogen.

Liquid Helium: A very Cold Liquid that heats up very quick and returns to its Gas form.

Liquid Nitrogen: A Very Cold Liquid that Cools its surrounding.

Sum Up:
- New Research tab; Cryotec
- 3 New Buildings, Cryostat, Cryo tile and Cryo Memorial.
- Liquid Nitrogen and Helium.

Asset Description:

Nuclear Reactor: a great way to generate power. It won’t blow up this whole place… will it?
Air Separator: what an amazing way to separate the gasses. If only it would do the most important job itself.
Neon Light-tube: Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light. Wait… that seems familiar.


Cryostat: how does it even grow in all this cold?
Cryo tile: if you fall on these you won’t be able to “let it go” anymore
Cryo Memorial: who thought that being dead could look so… “cool”




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