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  1. Hello Everyone, my name is Mahmoud, and I'm currently working on Game Design for a mod for DST. before I tell you what I have in mind let me introduce myself. I'm 22 years old and have studied Game Design and Game Art & 3D Animation. During my Studies, I've learned a lot about Games and the Game Industry. I have participated in a few game Jams and I'm currently Pitching a TCG on my own. Let's get to the more important matter. The Mod. DST is one of my favorites Games, regardless if played alone or with friends, Items and more. but i believe there is more that can be done. one of the greatest and most interesting Mods out there in my personal view is the, Multi-World DST which expands the Universe of DST and adds a lot of new Elements, this is What I have in mind too. I would love to collab with the Community of DST and create a Mod that the Community will enjoy to the fullest. What do I have in mind? As mentioned above I would love to create a mod that can come close to the Multi-World mod. Something that will add new Biomes, Items, Recipes and Challenges for the players. now, how do we achieve that? one easy way would be creating new content and throwing it into the game, but let's be honest, that would be boring now wouldn't it? Here is what I have in mind. One of the events that play an important role in DST are the seasons, but with all the new mods that doesn't seem to be much of a challenge anymore, so how about we create four new Biomes! Each biome represents one Season has only that season going on. to give you a better understanding of my thoughts I'll go a little bit more into detail. The four big seasons! Let's give those four seasons a name first, shall we? Evergreen (The Spring Season): Evergreen is the Easiest of the four Biomes and offers a lot of vegetation. Just because it is the Easiest one it doesn't mean it provides no challenge for the player. Providing the players with a huge amount of fruits, vegetables, and Animals it also comes with huge dangers. one of those Enemies would be Treeguards, however, we are not talking about the normal ones that drop Living logs.those tree guards do not drain your insanity as quick and are more of common but stronger foes kinda like a beefalo. I could go deeper into details on what enemies the players could encounter but this is something I haven't set in stone yet. One thing I have decided tho is that each season has it's on Giant. The Giant for the Spring Season could be a Giant Treeguard that could throw giant pine cones that instantly grow to lvl 2 trees. or a Really Giant Pig-king that is the one and only ruler of all the others jumping and creating little earthquakes. the possibilities are endless and I'm sure you get the idea. Sunnyhill (The Summer Season): Sunnyhill is always summer, and much stronger than the usual summer! the Nights are even half as long as the normal summer ones. This is a really hot biome, No grass, dead trees but a lot of stones and fiery enemies. The Biom would have a lot of fire hounds, vultures, magma spots smaller version of the dragonfly giant and other enemies. the Biome would provide a lot of stone and minerals (copper, silver, etc.) Like the Kraken in Shipwrecked, I thought maybe there would be a Fire Kraken that is submerged in a magma pit and throws fireballs that create magma pits where they land and pierce the dry ground with its red-spikey tentacles. Stormboe (The Fall Season): Stormboe represents autumn, a lot of raccoons, Heavy winds, and tornados. New Animals such as Hedgehogs, Deers, and Owls! Stormboe would represent the hunting season as well. players would face heavy winds, move slower or even get pushed back by the wind. Thunderstrikes that will be deadly if you are not careful. now for autumn, there are a lot of Ideas for the Giants that will lurk there, maybe a Giant hedgehog that shackles his needles around you. An owl that creates mini tornados. Whitecliff (The Winter Season): Whitecliff is the last Biome. an Ice-Cold stormy snow biome. all animals that show up during winter are there, even polar bears, OX, and Wolves. this is by far the most challenging biome since it has no daylight. Only evening and night. maybe we even find some Evil snowmen. the player would face heavy colds, snow storms and lots of ice and snow. One of the Giants that could be found here might be a Giant Snowman. A King Penguin or a Yeti. How to get there? Well obviously this is something that can be discussed, what I had in mind was that the player would have to craft a Gate for each Biome. once crafted the player can use it and enter the Biome. there are two ways on how those gates would work that I had in mind. Option 1; Way of Seasons: Each gate can only be used when the representing season is active. for example, i can not enter the Stormboe unless the main world is currently in Autumn. Once entered the players day timer starts to turn backward. let's say autumn only lasts 30 days in the main world then the player has only 30 days in which he can move in-between the worlds. so the days would be a "countdown". does the player remain in the biome once 30 days have passed then a new countdown appears this one shows how long it takes before the Fall Season happens again in the main world. another way of Exit would be killing the Giant of the biome, Killing the Giant could drop an item lets say "Spirit of Fall" which allows the player to power the gate and exit. Option 2; The Giants: The player has the option to craft only 1 Gate and can travel only to Evergreen first. he has to kill the Giant get an item lets call it "Spring orb" and use that Item to open the next biome, etc. now again 2 options here; A: he can travel between opened locations as he pleases. B: he always requires an essence to travel to the next Biome meaning he always has to kill the Giant. This is what I have in mind, and this is where you come in place. if you feel like this something you would like to work on, to honor your skills, kill some free time, provide something for the community and yourself, or just like a challenge then I would be happy to work with you on this project. Feel free to comment, critic or add some ideas to this. Either PM me here or drop me a Steam friendship http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113044078/
  2. Strength increases the Carry weight by 15% for each LVL. but dupes do not carry 15% more instead 15Kg more. so a dupe that should have +105% carry weight will instead carry 105Kg more. I don't know which of those 2 values are supposed to be right but that's what's going on.
  3. i see hmm well then i gotta wait. yea because i was more curios about the ice. i have other storages in my base. i will make a video soon and see what will happen.
  4. hmm well true, tho as the ice should melt anyway not the 42000Kg at once but the number should get down. no. Dupes do not sweep items by default. they go idle if there is nothing to do. also they only sweep the ice as you can see. there is sand and other resources on the pool.
  5. So i dumped in my Ice Which was around -22.2C into Hot water 60C during that process the water temperature drops to 54C while the Ice only heated up to -21.9C (1 cyle) i then turned on my liquid tepidizer and raised the temperature back up to 60C now heat is being produced. while the temperature of the tepidizer and water and fighting with the coldness of the Ice the ices drops down to -21.5c. Dupes also for some reason decide to sweep Ice even if it was not on a sweep command. this whole process can be observed here Ice and Sweeping Bug Auto Sweep without command at 5.30 I hope Someone from the Developers will notice this and manage to fix it for the upcoming release.
  6. sometimes Vacuums dont get filled in. image can be seen here