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Need Suggestions On Enclosed Colony

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I've been working on my enclosed design I've made some progress in making the structure as sealed as possible without allowing toxic gases to get it.


As you can see I used the double airlock design. The ladders between them are there to keep the dupes inside it to move from level to level without having to use the external ladders. I built the airlocks 1 tile higher to contain toxic liquids. This design also goes for the outer ladders. If a dupe happens to expel any liquids it'll all go down to the horizontal airlock and be collected in the reservoir. Ignore the algae in it. The room was filled with CO2 when I built it and just left it in there.

What I would like to do is build a steam generator above it and then transfer the water back into the basin to the left. The problem is I don't know how to design it outside of hollowing out the space.

I was also planning to build a lower level under the plants to have hamster wheels and big batteries. Another idea I was thinking about doing is transfering the water in the top left into the on in the pump by just draining it, but I'm worried that it'll damage structures. I guess I could do it a bit at a time.


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