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Yup. Feedback and suggestions.

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Now, there is already a lot of threads, probably suggesting the same things as I will, but anyway. Also, english is not my first language so I might struggle to make my word clear. Bought it a few days ago and closing up on 20 hours - I love it! And I can't wait to see whats more to come. But yeah. I'm also an artist and I enjoy making my base look nice and decorated - so most of my suggestions will be affected by that. Heh.
First of all - Stress.
After, I don't know, 4-5 new maps, each with noticeable improvement from my side, I noticed that stressed duplicants are what stops me from getting any further. I often use the massage tables and try to use as much decorations as I can, but not much improvement. I guess you already plan on getting more stuff to decrease stress, but I'm gonna throw some suggestions at you anyway.

- Yoga or workout tools. Could work like the massage tables, but most people know that working out (which is not running around getting minerals and metals or electricity) decreases stress. 

- Smaller blank canvases. The ones in the game already is pretty big and takes up quite a bit of space. What about some smaller ones that's a little faster to finish. Backside would be that it reduces less stress.

- Something that works about the same as the siesta lean-to in Don't Starve. Take a nap day-time to stop them complaining about being tired and reduce stress. 

- Some place for the dublicants to vomit. Maybe the the lavatory? As most people gets signs when they have to vomit and runs to the toilet asap. Not a big problem - but would be nice to continue digging instead of moping vomit all day when most duplicants are stressed!

I do enjoy the trouble of stressed duplicants to some extent, but I don't feel like any of the existing stress reducing items help much. 


Other suggestions I got is;

- Bunk beds! Takes up less space. 

- A smaller gas pump that can be hung up on the wall. As I might just need to experiment more with gas, I often feel like I don't get rid of the hydrogen coming from the electrolyzer. 

- A smaller liquid pump as well maybe?

- Being able to rotate the pipe bridges. 

- More food. Maybe the mealwood could drop more meal lice per plant? Kind off weird to see 6 meal lices crawl on the plant but only dropping one. Could help a lot as the amount of planter boxes we need per duplicant takes up a LOT of space later in the game.

- Research tables stops asking for more research when you have completed all research. 

- One more thing is that I can't seem to find any way to get rid of chlorine in my base.


Overall ONI is a great game and probably gonna take up 90% of my time forward. I love the noticeable improvement for each map and all the new challenges you have to solve along the way. As said - can't wait to see whats more to come! 

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