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Some ideas about possible new system

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Thank for reading my post! :D  And sorry if I made some annoying grammar mistakes with my poor English.

I've only played this game for 17 hours. Although I'm not entirely familiar with Oxygen Not Included's every aspects, I do have some ideas for future's possible gameplay contents.

1. Regular events

In Don't Starve, there's four seasons rotating and moon cycle. Each season has it's unique condition and challenge. You can also expect Hounds and season boss attack you regularly. Since Oxygen Not Included doesn't has any ultimate goal implemented yet, it's important to add some regular challenge for players to test and evaluate their colony. Try survive as long as possible is challenging too, but it's a little bit less motivating.

Although seasons underground may seem weird, the colony's season doesn't have to be the same as Earth's season. It could only have 2 or 3 seasons, and each season could uniquely change the temperature, pressure, mob's behavior, duplicant's biological condition, and cause a variety of geographic incidents.

2. Unexpected incidents

In current gameplay, most things are under player's control pretty well. As long as certain resource isn't exhausted, it's not difficult to manage dupe's stress. More unexpected incidents could make players more preoccupied even when things are going well.

Although storm, lightening, snow, meteorolite cannot exist underground, it's would be cool to have earthquake, volcano eruption, stratum subsidence, underground water flood, unexpected chemical reaction, machine auto-ignition, mob's random rage, and more diseases.

3. Coma and Rescue system

In current gameplay, once dupes exhaust their oxygen, they seem to die immediately. I hope there will be a coma state between consciousness and death. Other dupes need to go rescue the dupe in a coma, and they need to give CPR to bring him/her back to life. Unprotected CPR will contract certain disease with nearly 100% possibility.

Also, I hope there will be different levels of coma, depending on how long you get suffocated/drown or how severe you get wounded. It will also be cool to have different biologically negative state other than suffocated and coma. For example, after explosion, dupes may become dizzy, blind, deaf or panic.

4. Clothing or Equipment system

Clothes can let players customize dupe's outfit. Advanced clothes or equipment could help dupe endure extreme temperature, pressure, toxic gas, or enhance their physical ability. (i.e. iron lung)

5. Fire and Explosion system

I know fire may be a mess for both development and gameplay, but it's really counter-intuitive that a huge underground colony full of machine, wire and gas doesn't have any possibility of fire and explosion.

Since this game has already been implemented a great range of temperature feature, it's reasonable to have different kind of fire in different temperature and pressure. Low temperature fire will only slightly wound dupe, while extremely high temperature fire could burn unprotected dupes into carbon and dust instantly without any chance for rescue and heal. Also, there should be different ways to extinguish fire, like decreasing atmosphere pressure, pumping CO2, lowering the temperature... etc.

Explosion may be destructive and harmful, but it can also be used to efficiently destroy cubes and create space for colony development.

6. Permanent injuries system

One of the most fun parts of this game, in my opinion, is that players will gradually emotionally invest into his/her duplicants. Permanent injuries (i.e. scar, loss of limbs, mentally traumatized) could help players remember who they are, what they have been through. It will enhance the feeling that players and dupes will survive and grow strong together in this colony.

7. High intelligence alien mob

I'm not sure what mob developers want to add next. It may be too distracted to add a whole different alien civilization into the game, but a small number of smart aliens (i.e. interstellar travelers) should be pretty fun. Players can trade with them, kill them (I want to combat with something other than cute Morb!), or even take them prison.

Maybe far outside the planet exist an alien civilization which is also willing to colonize the planet. Players can attack their scouts and rob some valuable items from them.

(Actually, I just want to know How Klei's artistic style will be applied to Alien and their technology. IT MUST BE AWESOME)


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