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Winter is coming..24/7 dedicated server. (STEAM GROUP)

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Hello everyone, just wanted to share with all fellow DST members, that there is now another new reign beta dedicated server up and running.

We have a steam group enabled and linked to the server and are looking to have large community over time with people hopping in and out of the server frequently, allowing for players to always enjoy playing the game with the company of others.


Visit the steam group here to check out the ground rules of this fast growing grouphttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/winteriscomingdst#

or feel free to join the server itself first to try it out first. 


Server name: Winter is coming..24/7 dedicated server!

Server settings

default settings (with disease off)

Huge over world and cave world.

Survival mode


Hope you enjoy your stay and happy gaming!


Feel free to contact me or any other administrators for more information through the steam group

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