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A clearer description in what the sliders are for

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I am very confused by the sliders on example the Manual generator and some valves.
Especially the manual generator which says : Adjust how much wattage batteries should use before reactivating this generator.
Does that mean:

A  The generator must use 25 % of its charged wattage before Manual generator is used again , So at 75% the dupe starts running the machine
B The generator will be at 25% of its charged wattage before the manual generator is used again. So the dupe will start runnign when its almost depleted at25%

Witht he liquid valves, the minimum you can send through the pipes is 10 grams a second, but most machines use more.
Ive set mine to 10 grams and it took a while before anything finally happened, probably because it didnt reach the amoutn of water needed to work a machine. I dont know any suggestions here, but its just confuses me, cause theres water going through the pipes but its jsut not enough water, but it looks as much as any other water which goes through the pipes. Maybe big and small bubbles for the pipes?
And if theres already smaller bubbles, then the difference is too small and you need to exaggerate it a bit more

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