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Pacing - feedback

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I find i play the game in 2 states most of the time. Paused, and max speed.

Obviously a lot of things are missing this is alpha, but despite that i think that the need for a "fast forward" options suggest that the pacing is off.

It creates a feeling of never having a base established, you speed up time to complete a building project only to pause the game while you plan out the next project because of how fast resources are used up. The problem is that you never spend anytime actually enjoying your base or any other part of the game outside planning building projects. That said the building in this game is super super fun !

"Don't Starve" has some great pacing, you can establish a base to a point where you can break away from base building and start exploring and engaging the other elements of the game as you see fit. This allows you to enjoy your base, a reward for the work put into it. Changes to the game state are what maintain the difficulty in Don't Starve as players have to adapt and plan ahead. Game state changes like Nightfall, Seasonal changes, and monster attacks.

As it is now ONI is super fun despite being unfinished and in alpha, even if the pacing stays the same ill still play the crap out of it and enjoy it. But i think ONI could be even better.

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Have you tried using the other speeds?

Instead of pausing the game, use a lower speed to do your planning. This means that you're thinking ahead, but things are also happening while you're planning. Then you can go back to check on progress. I almost never pause the game. Additionally, I didn't really move to the highest speed until cycle 15 or 20 (with night being a possible exception).

You're saying that this means the pacing is off, but you're dictating the pacing of the game. I'm using high speeds a lot more now that my base is established and I'm into cycle 70 or 80, but that is because I'm doing way bigger projects that take multiple cycles to complete. Sometimes I feel really rushed and just move back down to speed 1.

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