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slopes for liquid and slow item fall

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Outstanding suggestion!

Also the slopes should be rotatable with the "O" key so if u want u can slope on the roof to make the hydrogen go up to your pump more easily ;)

Whilst you're at it you might as well have a "stairs" tile that's basically the same thing but grands the dupes improved diagonal speed.

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Big plus one here from me. The game is clearly going for a physics heavy approach to this stuff, so its only natural we should be able to create sloped tiles so we can funnel liquids down into pumps, and to manage the flow of other liquids.

Even just one sloped tile (flipable along the x axis) would go a long to helping us create proper liquid tanks. It could even be made as some kind of meshed hybrid tile, allowing dupes and solids to stand on top, while the water flows down across it underneath (I mention this because if dupes had to clamber over it and materials rolled down it, i'm assuming that would be a lot more difficult to implement).

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