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Hundreds of G/s of Water "disappearing" ???

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Hello, I have played a few colonies of ONI now and have about 10 hours iirc in game. One thing I cannot figure out is what is going on with water. When I have outhouses it seems like I am not getting as much contaminated water as my base is consuming water... I haven't done much science but I've tried setting up septic tanks for water and etc to conserve water as much as possible.

I thought something was wrong with the way I was playing, but after starting a new base and spilling a smidge of water, I noticed that my water supply is always decreasing by a few hundred grams of water per second. Is this a bug?



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Outhouses do not consume Water- there isn't anything in your base which consumes Water yet. How do you know your water is decreasing? Water does disappear if you build tiles in water, consume it in machines, or pump it through pipes. Hope this helps.


EDIT: The act of spilling water may have decreased your total water quantity. I'm not sure why this happens.

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