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Add loot on Chests (Mod in Progress)

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I'm working on a PVP mod that spawns pandoras chests (prafab name) randomly  all over the map for the players loot them and them fight each other.

How can i access all this chests that i've spawned and put random loot on them? any ideas.?

maybe a code that can search for ornate chests on the map, then update their loot?

 i don't know the exacty functions to do this for me...

if someone can help i'll be grateful. Sorry for the bad english

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I'm not sure. I know that setpiece could be linked with a scenario option, and this option allows, in others things, to have chest with content in it. I don't know if you could use this option for things you spawn after the world generation.


Also, maybe look at case when a chest is created. Ancien gardian create one, no ?

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