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Managing 2 Colonies

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Like a true noob, I accepted all the dupes and got to about 25. Of course I was running short on water, so I sent 5 miners to other region and segregated them in order to stop them from coming back every goddamn night only to meet the sunrise en route.

But at that point, 4 dupes were destroying every oxygen sources in my base, so I put them all down.

Anyway my question is, has anyone tried managing 2 separate colonies at the same time? If so, did you run into any technical issues?

This game is so good, I cant stop playing, but its getting old just trying to survive. It would be cool to see some weird ass creatures in the furthest regions in the map so at least I have something else to play for. But still thanks for making this awesome game 

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Keep in mind this is super early alpha, plenty of chemistry, physics, logistics and science is going to be added to expand your bases and there's going to be plenty of mining to do in other regions to get elements and materials for that. I can see a point when it's implemented that you can make small mining parties to go out and explore as their solitary job. 

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