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Thank you for making yet another amazing game, There are a lot of great mechanics in this game, and I bet they will only be getting better.

There are some suggestions I bet you guys already have under consideration.

  1. Allow players to tame or control wildlife. Puffs are an amazing life form, but I have not been able to probably place them in a convenient location and it will often lead to a build up in stress whenever the dupes try to pick up their slime from slime bios. Maybe a trap and release system?
  2. Algae consumption per oxygen produce levels is a little high, considering that slime distillers barely produce any algae to begin with. maybe increasing the production of algae per slime produce might help with this problem.
  3. Allow players to store water in containers. for example, have a water pump delivering water to a building (probably a water tank) to ease the transportation time of liquid (like a battery for water).
  4. Make a setting to allow players to turn off tips. after playing a few games, those tips get old fast.
  5. Please specify on the tooltip what buildings produce amounts of Carbon Dioxide.
  6. some filtration of Chlorine would be nice, it feels like every time I open gas pocket of it, I am stabbing myself in the back.
  7. Contaminated soil and fertilizer doesn't seen to be useful to me, maybe enhance the feature a little?

these are a few of the things i think it would make the game better. it is still pretty amazing. Thank you for your hard work.

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