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We need the Gramaphone for DST

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I just want to make things clear, please don't spam me with Memes of Maxwell saying NO

In my opinion, I actually miss the little Phonograph (Yes I know it has two names, one fake one called 'Gramaphone' and the real one called 'Phonograph') beside Maxwell and the Character we choose to be on the throne to play tunes.

I already got FREAKING QUOTES!

Wilson- "Oh that thing.."

Willow- "It looks combustible.."

Wolfgang- "I is mightier than tiny music box"

Wendy- "It plays the tunes of death..."


Wickerbottom- "As an unbreakable box of Machinery, I am impressed!"

Woodie- "Back in Canada we didn't have these... Apparently..."

Wigfrid- "Dö yöu stand a chance against me tiny böx?!"

Webber- "I should get my Spider friends to dance around this!"

Maxwell- "That damned thing..."

Wes- (Anything you want for him to actually talk)

And I'm thinking it should have a Sanity/Insanity Aura (Klei do whatever you want for this lol)


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