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Planning and Blueprints

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The base-building in this game is SO good, and I really think it should be improved with things like:

The base needs to be constantly changing, and I get that this is meant to be that way, but there is other ways to get to world exploration.
And you can see that this bothers other people (and a proposed solution) in this topic:

And, with that solved, would be great to have things as like Planning, and Blueprints as well.
This would make easier to make eletricity, gas, water, and rooms well organized in the base.

A great way to give and example is how planning and blueprints are important in games like Prison Architect, in which you can plan your entire prison before doing anything else.

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Only just got ONI yesterday and already I wish there was a blueprints option just to plan out the layout for the colony before actually laying down anything. I work best when i can plan ahead and this would help immensely. Please and thank you.

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