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  1. My buddy Jaymonius and I made a mod for Stardew Valley that replaced the pet dog with Chester! Mod Page
  2. Here he is in all his awkward glory. Really it was the best I could do with no mods or expansions, but I'm happy with him. Here's link to download my version of Wilson if you want.
  3. Second floor Details Stairwell of hidden clutter Guest bedroom. It never gets used, but a gentleman must always be prepared. ((please don't mind the old computer there. I know he shouldn't have one being from the 1920's, but sims without computers are super whiny about it. I got the oldest model I could to compensate.)) Master Bedroom:
  4. First floor Details The living room The kitchen Wilson's overly complicated cupcake maker. Living room, bathroom, and stairwell
  5. I don't know why I haven't shared this here yet. Nearly half a year ago I built Wilson's Cabin in Sims 4 and I'm pretty extremely pleased with it. Front Exterior: Back Exterior: First Floor: Second Floor: Attic: Here's a link where you can download it. I don't have any mods or expansions on this, so it should work no matter what version of Sims 4 you have.
  6. Entry 15 - Ewecus ((Requested by wombadoodles)) “I never thought I would hit a breaking point when it would come to endeavors I am unwilling take in the name of scientific study, but alas it has happened. Before I start, I am forced to ask a simple question: What in the name of Nikola Tesla was Maxwell THINKING when he devised this deplorable creature in that twisted mind of his?! I discovered this horrid abomination while following what I thought were familiar tracks, though needless to say what I found was neither adorable or delicious. As is any time when discovering a new creature, I attempted to keep my distance to observe and document it. Due to its resemblance to an ovis aries that has gone far too long without a sheering, I assumed the creature to be passive. This however is very very incorrect. It would seem this beast ensures its survival by taking the offensive when faced with something its not familiar with, going quite literally with the shoot first ask questions later tactic. Despite my distance, it was then I learned that it is able to imprisons its foes for follow up attacks…with sneezing. While I could commend the creature for its incredible aim, I find myself not exactly appreciative to learn so intimately it uses its own phlegm as a projectile. It was thick and pliable enough to easily hold me completely down, so I suppose a creature will use what it can in such a harsh environment; this still doesn’t excuse that it was responsible for one of the most disgusting experiences of my stay here. Thank goodness Chester was present to aid in pulling me out, but not before I had the wind kicked out of my lungs by this curmudgeon sheep. Gathering what was left of my dignity, I hastily made my retreat leaving the beast to hopefully be found by a pack of hounds. I’ve met many a beast here, some of which I can call literal nightmares come to life, but ironically it’s this distasteful herbivore that has me unwilling to do further study and documentation. Unless I can devise a use for its spoils that can not be substituted by anything else on this deplorable island, I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure I never cross paths with this creature or its sticky kin again.”
  7. They're will be. Those were just all I had finished for the time being. I currently have 9 requests pending that I need to get done.
  8. Thanks! I greatly appreciate it. =D
  9. That should be all of them for now. I'm currently working on writing the entry for the next page. Also: Thank you!! I put a lot of work and effort into these! =3
  10. Entry 14 - Lureplant ((Requested by anon)) Once again, I find myself underestimating the flora of this world, and paying the price for it. Though I wish to state for the record while it could be debated that I provoked the rage of a certain piney giant, this was completely unwarranted. I left my camp yesterday morning for my bi-weekly journey to do a bit of barter with my sus scrofa neighbors to the southeast. After a fair bit of trading for resources and gold as well as spending the night, I arrived back at camp this afternoon and found to my horror it had been completely infested with some manner of carnivorous droseraceae. Peppered through out all the camp were roughly two dozen moderately sized plants, each with a leafy bedding sprouting around a bulb that resembled an eye, and much like an eye as I drew close they would turn to observe me. Upon stepping too close however, I discovered the assumed pupil was actually a maw sporting fangs as sharp as razors. At the center of this infestation was a much larger fleshy bulb, roughly four times the size as any of the others, and from its shoots dangled a rather visibly unappealing slab of meat from its vines. I suspected at first these plants simply had a symbiotic relationship to each other. The larger plant provides a means to lure unsuspecting predators for the smaller ones to feast on, while they in turn provide it with protection as it appeared to be defenseless in comparison. This hypothesis however is false. With a spear in hand, I managed to slay a few of the eyeplants before reaching the center, grateful to confirm the central bulb was as vulnerable as I predicted, and began to pull this weed as well. The moment I severed the last vine, the surrounding bulbs instantly went still and quickly started to wilt. For such a fatal reaction to occur so suddenly, I can only conclude all the vegetation were in fact one in the same. I’m utterly perplexed and borderline horrified by the alarming rate of this organism’s maturity cycle seeing as it took less than 48 hours for it to develop to this state. While I have been accused of being unorganized and chaotic in my living space (two claims I thoroughly deny), I do however have keen awareness of where I choose make my home; as temporary as it may be. I can say without a doubt there was absolutely no sign of this bizarre crop before leaving at dawn yesterday. The fact it managed to grow to maturity so quickly is absolutely staggering. I’m currently undecided what to do with the fleshy bulb this experience has left me with. I’m sure it will make excellent kindling, and beyond tempted to use it as such to avoid another incident. Nonetheless, I can’t deny the possibility that I have the means of starting my very own meat farm, just so long as I am careful with how I till the land to avoid what could be a deadly harvest. The only thing that makes me think twice on this is the lure itself. I find it downright offensive for anything that has such a meat-like visage to be coupled with such a vile leafy taste and texture. I’m fully aware that beggars are in no position to be choosers, and it would be foolish of me not to consider what is very likely a rather nutritious and filling meal. Perhaps if I establish it as a fallback if my food supplies got critical. I’m just not sure if I’m ever going to be that desperate.”
  11. Entry 13 - Clockworks ((Requested by undeadstalin)) “The fourth day into my journey to fully map out my isolated prison, I found myself having serious trouble mapping the peninsula north of my camp. Minutes into my exploration of this small landmass, I was more than a little started when I stumbled upon the first distinctly unnatural creatures on this island. The whole lot of them resembled that of chess pieces; specifically the knight, bishop, and rook pieces, seemingly man made from various scraps of metal and gears, all the while maintaining an air of violence around them. The equī and preachermen were at first content to just observing me cautiously, silently warning me to not come near their checkered marble home while the castle slumbered. Being outnumbered five to one, the mere prospect of engaging combat was more than off-putting; and with no fail-safe measures in place, I had elected to quickly move on without disturbing their apparent sentry duty. However, almost as if to spite me, the burliest of the bunch had decided then was the best time to arise from his slumber and it charged me upon sight with the force of a train; and to my growing annoyance, that was all the encouragement the others need to join in the fray. The knights are rather straight forward in terms of combat, choosing to bash their prey to death with their solid heads. Having been on the receiving end of a horse’s kick, these monsters hit much harder. The bishops on the other hand prefer to keep their distance, somehow calling upon some hidden power source to fire off bolts of energy to shock and paralyze their foes. (Note: adjust healing salve recipe to cater to electrical burns.) With two of each, it is quite the tag team tactic to overwhelm any intruder, namely myself. Before the clockworks could finish my run in this deadly game, the rook charged through barely missing its mark (me) and in turn trampled its mechanized companions, rendering one as useless scrap. The sudden show of reckless abandon gave me an idea. Keeping my distance from them and the bishop’s range, much like a Spanish matador I managed to kite the raging mobile fort into its brethren, turning them against one another. With the others quickly dealt with, I still saw little chance of success with actually storming the castle on my own. Thankfully, there are always other nasties abound. Blocking all paths to this stretch of land was a figurative sea of bee hives, consisting both cerana and their excessively violent mellifera cousins. Quickly leading the charging behemoth, I manage to avoid it long enough to trick it into charging head first into the hornets nest. With destruction it brought in its wake, it was more than enough to entice the fury of the tiny warriors. Despite his hard exterior, it was no match for the ensuing swarm, likely rupturing its circuitry from within, quickly bringing its carnage to end. After collecting my spoils of gears and gems (I’m sure I can find a practical use for all of it back at camp) I took the time to examine what they considered so sacred to place their artificial lives on the line for. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than an oddly shaped wooden platform, however with certain locations of groves and sockets, I’m fairly certain this is the foundation for some manner of machine. I reviewed the notes I took the night I was “gifted” with this forsaken knowledge, but it is relatively vague on this subject and offers little insight, noting only it is some manner of nexus. I’ll have to look into this manner more closely later. At least that brute made traveling to and from this peninsula more manageable with the sudden decrease in the local killer bee population.”
  12. Entry 12 - Bunnymen ((Requested by anon)) “I finally had enough supplies to attempt a journey into the world below the one that I’ve gotten so accustomed to. Ever sense unplugging a sinkhole I discovered weeks ago, I’ve been highly curious to explore but not confident enough in my supplies to keep me alive for long in such an environment until recently. The things I discovered are enough to fill more than a dozen pages in my journal, and much like the surface appearances are rather deceptive in this place. This was no more apparent than my encounter with the giant lagomorphs. It was late into my second day underground when I stumbled upon this village of vegetarian Hansel and Gretel housings. I’m not sure why the residents decided to model their homes after their favorite ‘delicacy’, perhaps out of worship or simply irony. Given their body structure, I suspect the bunnymen to be yet another cousin to the pigmen and merms, following an evolutionary line that well adapts them to living in near darkness underground. And much like their swine brethren, while cautious they were relatively peaceful… at first. After conversing with a few of the residents (their lack of conversation skills are comparable to their cousins speaking in one word sentences) I was welcome to remain in the village for the night and rest up before venturing further. This offer was short lived however after sparking a campfire and procuring some of the koalefant jerky I prepared for this trip from my pack. In an instant all activity in the camp ceased and they all turned their crimson eyes upon me and the food in my hands, muttering to each other about meat and murder. Despite taking this as a sign to make my leave, they had no intentions of letting me go unpunished for slaying another creature as a means of sating my hunger. They are notably much faster than they look, making large bounds rather than running, and with a herd of well over two dozen it didn’t take them long to force me to use the meat effigy I established on the surface as a fail-safe. Thankfully their memory is excessively short lived as the following day when I ventured below to regain my lost articles, they seemed to have forgotten me and my sins greeting me as peacefully as when I first arrived. As rocky as our first meeting was, I can’t deny how much of asset it is to have them as allies while traversing this subterranean landscape; again like pigmen, their service is easily bribed with food of their choosing. I just have to be careful what food I consume in their presence.”
  13. Entry 11 - Them (2nd Entry) ((Requested by gruesomecharlie)) “This is the second time I’ve awakened with a splitting headache and a grotesque entry that I have no memory of illustrating. The beasts are bizarrely familiar, like from a nightmare I can’t quite recall. I would want nothing more than to entertain the possibility of this being another prank from my captor, but I can’t simply ignore the charcoal stained on my hands and vest. Why is this happening?”
  14. Entry 9 - Gobblers ((Requested by qmulative)) “I feel as though my captor is purposely testing my patience with his creatures; even with the most mundane of the batch. I had recently put up a small fence of woven hay to keep Lizzy out of the berry bushes so she wouldn’t gorge herself. However, I didn’t expect the bushes to be assaulted by another larger bird as my barrier didn’t hold this gluttonous maelstrom at bay. This infernal overgrown turkey gobbled up half of the ripe fruit before I had a chance to chase it off with my spear; I didn’t expect such a large bird with short limbs to be so spry. Thankfully, there’s still enough fruit left to not worry about keeping my little girl fed. I need to set up a few traps around my crops to avoid this happening again; I simply don’t have enough resources at my disposal to tend to myself, Lizzy, and this greedy feathery dunce. On the plus side, these creatures aren’t too bright and are easily fooled with the prospect of food. With a few spare berries and a clever disguise I fashioned out of one of the barren bushes it left in its wake, I was able to outsmart and easily slay the poultry. So, Lizzy’s food is safe for now and I get a turkey dinner tonight. I feel today turned out better than expected.” Entry 10 - Bernie ((Requested by anon)) “A few days ago I discovered what I had assumed at the time to be a rather inconsequential find. A child’s teddy bear with the name “Bernie the Bear” scribbled on the tag. The whole thing is heavily scorched and torn, likely barely surviving a terrible inferno. This was peculiar for a number reasons. Firstly the area I had found it had absolutely no signs of a recent fire, obviously having been brought here after said fire. The owner must have deep sentimental value for this to have kept it despite its ragged condition. Which leads to the second point, if the owner is in fact here in this purgatory, does that mean that there are children here? I hope not, I wouldn’t wish for a child to witness the terrors that I have already, but I doubt such atrocities would be too low for the monster running this show. I decided to take the bear with me, for no reason of any consequence. I figured I could repair it should I have spare time, as rare as that is any more, and perhaps one day return it to its owner. I never would have guessed then it would have saved my life. Over the past week this place had been praying on my sanity, from the constant sounds in the darkness to the sheer loneliness. Its enough to drive a person mad, eventually leaving them vulnerable to t҉̸̧͘͡h̨͝҉̴̷é̴̡̛ ̷̀҉̸͠s̴̡h̨̛̛̕͘a̛̕͝d̕͟ò͘ẃ̵͢s҉̶- I have no word for it other than general pronouns. Unable to calm myself in time, They arrived to prey on me while my mental state was weakened. To my shock, and slight horror, the bear I found sprung to life. I thought at the time it was just a side effect of my momentary madness, and perhaps maybe it was. Regardless, it was quick to engage the monstrosities, distracting Them from their primary objective. It bought me enough time to access my sedative measures of flora and sugar, calming my psyche enough to cause Them to fade enough to not be a threat, but not before They practically tore the poor thing to shreds. Once my mind was sharp and functional enough for the task, I investigated the bear further. There’s no reason it should have moved like it did, its just filled with stuffing that most toy makers default to. No trace of this place in it that I can see. Not the first time I found something here that was beyond all reason. I’m setting aside time today to get the silent brave warrior fully patched up. He deserves it after helping me in my time of need. The only other courtesy I could grant him is finding his owner; I’m sure he misses and worries for them.“
  15. Entry 8 - The Map “After what feels to be months, I can confidently claim that my map of the island is complete. Granted my cartography skills could use some serious improvement as I had to take one or two liberties and guesses for precise distance, however I feel I did as well as I could considering the circumstances; especially considering the absurd amount of hostiles that felt the need to attack a man merely minding his own business trying to work. I’m not going near that ravenous nest of wasps for some time as long as I can help it. Hopefully this will help in my productivity and planning for the following days to come"