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First impressions and a few suggestions

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First off, let me say that I am loving what you have done so far - about 20 hours in and still discovering cool stuff.

Some suggestions, which have possibly been raised elsewhere, just a few things I have thought of that would improve my game experience:

  • Hazmat/Environmental suits. Working zero-oxygen, poisonous or underwater environments could be made easier if the dupes had a suit (as it stands now they have to dash back to safety, which slows them down in finishing a job. It could be in the form of an upgrade/item for dupes (which opens up some awesome other possibilities like clothing to decrease stress, backpacks for food etc) or a decontamination room with an airlock where dupes could put suits on for external work.
  • a water production facility/machine - that seems to be the most scarce resource in the game.
  • as part of the cycle reports or vitals page, a percentage breakdown of the time (and possibly resources) spent by a dupe in the last 24 hours. This would be a really great way to allow players to optimise work efficiency and job allocation.
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