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Steam Family Sharing not working for anyone?

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I gifted the game to my wife's account. Works fine on her account + her computer and her account + my computer. My account cannot see the game in her library even though I can see and play all of the rest. I installed it on my computer via her account and when logged into my account it gives me the "Purchase" button. I tried linking to the exe directly but it just brings me to the main game page. Same as the Purchase button: it doesn't go to the alpha page where you can actually purchase it.


Am I doing something incorrectly? I saw someone post in the bugs forum that they had family sharing working months ago.

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if u log in with steam account with the game u can instal it. then when u change back to another account u will see the installed game. and when u start it u will be directed to steam store to buy it... nice one devs nice one... 

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