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Space suits and airlocks

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First off, let me say that I enjoy this game, but i also have a few suggestions:

1. Space/bio hazard suits - A clothing option for the duplicants, would allow them to work in extreme environments that are isolated from the main living quarters, for example mines. These suits would would hold a small amount of food, oxygen, and waste water storage for the duplicants to utilize while in them. When a duplicant returns the suit to its station, the waste water in the suit would need to be drained. However to even equip and maintain this gear, a duplicant with a high level of intelligence, would be needed to help suit up another duplicant, remove the contaminated water, and restock food and O2 supply. 

2. proper airlocks - While true airlocks are possible with today's build, I would like to see a simplified version where gases can be pumped out, and reintroduced. With today's build, it can be a chore, opening up the first door, commanding duplicant to enter chamber, close door the first door, remove O2 in airlock, pump in outside gases, open second door. All that to prevent O2 from entering my mine system. This would be used with the space suits, so duplicants don't die in your oxygen deprived mine.

3. realistic plants - This one is quite simple, plants should remove CO2 from environment and emit O2, very much similar to the algae terrarium, except the plants would do so at a much, much slower rate.

4. filtration medium - It would be nice if their were other ways to filter contaminated water, after multiple play throughs, all my settlements eventually die off because of insufficient sand to filter contaminated water. It would be nice, if the water purifiers used sand, emitted pure water, and contaminated sand (a poor substitute for algae), which could then be run through something like the algae terrarium to give you back pure sand, which could be used in the purifier again.

5. nuclear power - This may be kind of far fetched, but it would be nice if a new resource was introduced, radioactive substance. This material would need to mined and handled using a bio hazard/space suit other wise the duplicant would get radiation poisoning (which could be cured using the medical facilities). Once mined this ore would need to be refined, then it could be used in a nuclear generator which would use a small amount of fuel, but produce a small consistent amount of power for a long time.

6. TNT - Why not, every mining game needs some sort of explosive.

These are just my ideas for things that could be introduced, I don't believe any of them would be considered overpowered, feel free to comment and criticize as you see fit.

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I love the space suit idea; in fact, when I was first looking at the game, I kinda just assumed there was a space suit in it.

I like the airlocks idea. If you were to expand on it, I think there should be many ways to automate pressure/fluid/power management so that you can maintain optimal pressure/temperature without having to manage stuff manually.

While realistic plants would be kinda nice, it could make the game WAY easier, and I'm not sure it's a good idea. Maybe as a new kind of plant.

There is, in fact, a way to filter contaminated water without using filtration medium by boiling it. There is a thread in the general discussion section of this forum on it, and I think it's a good end-game alternative.

Nuclear power sounds like a fun mechanic that fits well with existing mechanics and could even add to the game's general feel.

TNT is good. Boom boom.

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