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Contaminated Water Experiment

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I wanted to see if it's possible to survive entirely on contaminated water generated by the dupes. So i built my entire base as a contaminated water catchment with mesh tiles and a tank at the bottom, disabled the outhouses and let the stress run to max. No relying on algae (except the couple terrariums i use to get rid of my CO2 because my air scrubber wasn't working), no digging into other biomes, no getting raw contaminated water. Pretty impressed by the result, I'm running my second electrolyzer purely off recycled puke water, it's not running at 100% but so is the normal electrolyzer (because of max gas pressure). The top and left chambers are my attempts at making a water distiller so I could even bypass the sand requirement, but it failed terribly. This is probably the farthest I have gotten at trying to run a closed loop ecosystem (i managed to catch a hatch for coal generation).

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