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De-mystifying the Hydrogen Generator

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Here's the problem I ran into. I let hydrogen accumulate for a while, also thinking giving it a pool to start from might solve the problem. Alas, despite having a gas valve set up to control the flow, the gas pump sucked all that hydrogen out within minutes, the generator never filled up (the green bar), it kept burning what it had managed to build up (~20 Kg) despite batteries being full (thus wasting all of the hydrogen), and then it went right back to stuttering away as per usual. 

I'm at a loss as to how this thing is supposed to work (if it isn't bugged somewhere, be it the generator itself, the gas pumps or valves, or all of the above lol).

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I would make the room one block wider and add a second pump to the side of the electrolyzer. Replace the gas tile with a regular floor tile to keep the room sealed off. The output of the lower pump will be almost only oxygen (very rarely it will catch a hydrogen bubble) and can go straight into the base. The output of the upper pump gets filtered and the oxygen routed into the output line of the lower pump.

Bottom line is, you want the pressure in the room as low as possible to keep the electrolyzer running at max capacity. If the pressure goes up, then the electrolyzer will throttle down to 800-600-400 g/s of water and finally skip steps because it reached max gas pressure.

I would also add a battery or two and a manual generator to start the system or to add some additional power if the hydrogen generator can't keep up.

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In theory this should be what happens.  However, in my experience, either the electrolyzers don't generate that much hydrogen or the hydrogen generators use up way more than 100g.  In my set up, I have 2 electrolyzers constantly pumping hydrogen into my generator and it still has times where it stops running.  At this rate, 1 hydrogen generator might even take on 4 electrolyzers.


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