Bug: Challenge room power box breaks on exit/re-enter


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In the Hessian Castle, enter the challenge room (the one with lots of lasers and hard-to-reach power boxes).Break the first power box.Exit the challenge room and re-enter through the passageway at the top. When you re-enter, the power box is still broken but the corresponding laser is active, making it impossible to complete the room.Restarting from checkpoint, exiting the game and re-loading - all don't fix it (presumably the state of the box was saved but not the state of the laser).

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Yup! Sorry about that. We had the same issue on Xbox and submitted a patch for that recently. We're in the process of porting this patch to Steam very Soon. Keep an eye on the update notes for Mark of the Ninja on Steam. You'll see this issue directly addressed in one of the updates coming Soon. Thanks for reporting it!

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