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An idea to resolve the problem of recruiting players

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I see so many posts on here, people doing invites, people looking for games to join, etc.   It would be great to have a database of players/hosts/worlds to choose from but at the moment we have forums.

One of the problems with recruitment is that players are looking for specific experiences whereas the hosts already have a predefined concept/mission statement.   I've seen more sophisticated requests (Teamspeak group, 8 slots, etc. etc.) but this is not enough in itself.    Players should specify their availability, part time could be 1-2 times a week, "full" time 3-5 times.   

Getting around to my idea, why not have two classes of players?   One is dedicated to an environment, the other is a reciprocal.   A reciprocal player agrees to play in your world if you give roughly equivalent time playing in theirs.   In this way both parties are satisfied.   It also keeps it interesting as you have two very distinct environments which you can compare and learn from.


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