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Liquid pump suggestion

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First of all, congratulations on this amazing game!

I've been having a great time and the game isn't even finished yet! :D


I'd like to suggest an alteration that would make pumping liquid out of a large cave much easier.

Right now, as far I can see, there are two ways to do this.

1 - To to tunnel from bellow and deliberately flood a small cave with the pump set up inside. This can get quite messy.

2 - Place the pump just under the surface of the liquid and as the liquid level lowers, disassemble the entire set up and rebuild a bit bellow. Repeat until all the liquid is gone. This is a huge waste of time...


I suggest that when you place the pump above a deep poll, a hose automatically descends from the bottom of the pump, until it reaches the bottom of the poll. Then the liquid will be sucked into the hose. This way it would be very easy to set up a pumping operation.


Thanks for reading!

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I highly agree!!! I'm encountering this problem a LOT. It's really frustrating. Maybe dive suits will be introduced later?

I think the hose idea is a good one, also. But it should have a limit to how far it extends so one wouldn't be spanning the height of the map for their water.

This is what my conundrum looks like:


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I really like this idea.

You could have two pumps each for both liquids and gases: one that takes in liquids / gases locally (the ones we have now) and pumping engines which draw and push liquids / gases through a connected pipe system. These engines would be larger (e.g. 3 x 2), run hot and require more power to run. Pumping engines draw liquids / gases through passive 'inlets' (which could gravity feed liquids / gases when not attached to a pipe line with a pumping engine) along the attached input pipe line. The total volume drawn by the engine is divided amongst each inlet on the pipe line (e.g. if a pumping engine can draw 10 kg/s, and there are 5 inlets on its input pipe line, each inlet draws 2 kg/s). Increasing the number of pumping engines in a pipe line increases the amount an inlet can take up per second (to a capped limit).

What I would find really cool is if I could make a proper air ventilation plant; a convoluted tangle of pumping engines, valves and air filters and thermoregulators sealed off from the main base that discretely circulates and purifies the air of the main base. The physical size and the sheer number of gas pumps that I would need is currently too prohibitive to get such a system to work.

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I don't really see the need. Duplicants can go pretty deep under the water's surface if you just build a ladder to the bottom of the basin. Only once between three or four different attempts have I run into a water reservoir too deep to place a pump at the bottom. Maybe this could be an advanced system you can build in the late game, that could actually be pretty cool and save your dupes from diving in contaminated water.

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