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Dev build avaiable to us

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I've seen reports of bugs that are kinda hard to recreate (Like mine), and I'm wondering if you could give us a developer or freemode-build that is mainly focused on recreating specific bugs and report them. Take my post as an example :


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While I would love to get a 'all research unlocked' code for my own theory-machinations, I'd think at this point they need people to honestly bang up against the progression and inevitable death Wall a few times for good feedback. Also just speaking as an old QA guy myself, just being able to plop items into an environment can either by-pass the trigger that made the bug happen or create weird glitches. Sorting through player bugs created just because people "cheated" is a pain in the butt. My guess is they may give us something like a console command list soon, but if it were me it'd be a couple of weeks at least. 

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