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  1. Can you let us pre-order this dlc? That would let you put even more content
  2. The dupe was suffocating before the sand fell down
  3. Don't know how this happened. The air was flowing right when the dupe started digging. As you can see it wasn't a zone full of vacumm surrounded by Ore, althought in the normal preview it showed vacuum where the dupe was standing on. I know the air showed 29.0g, but isn't it supposed to show carbon dioxide?
  4. Self-explanatory tittle.The dupe spent all the cycle digging. I solved this bug simply by cancelling the dig task.
  5. Are you sure your dupes had jobs they can't do? (such as building or digging). Also did you check your Jobs tab?
  6. This is a specific bug that can really mess you up and waste a lot of water. Specially when you want to make a clean water section and a contaminated water section right next to it. Excuse me for the terrible quality of the screenshot, I couldn't find a big sized one and the bug is rare so I couldn't make it happen myself. If I'm able to do that again I'll surely post a better one.
  7. Installed it and now the game isn't crashing anymore nor telling me I'm under the minimum requirements. Tomorrow I'll start playing and update this comment if it crashes in the fly. Thanks for the help.
  8. output_log.txt Btw, there's no save in the save_files folder
  9. The game says I do not meet the minimum requirements but when I go to the store, I see I actually am over the minimum requirements, so when I start a new save it just crashes, I searched for a solution (there wasn't any), re-installed the game, verified the integrity of game cache and nothing works. Checked dxdiag.exe and I've DirectX 11. Self-explanatory screenshots : output_log.txt