Um, what's the point of scores per level if I cannot see them anywhere?


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We had a previous thread on leaderboards

To add on to what Corey said, on PC it's *much* harder for us to prevent hacking than it is on the Xbox. So having a leaderboard that's full of hacked high scores isn't really going to enhance anyone's experience. So we're definitely looking at this, and it's something we could add in an update, but we want to make sure it'll be something that's a positive experience for folks =)

But to add on to that further....We're looking at the possibility of adding leaderboards / scores into the Steam version. Your scores are actually saved right now, if we turn them on at a later date, they'll be visible. If we decide against full leaderboards, we will look at just adding a local high-score (perhaps on the level select screen).
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I would be completely satisfied with only local highscores. And I think it would add even more replayability to the game.

The game is awesome.

We'll figure something out Soon hopefully. I agree it's kind of odd to get points but not see your own scores. I'll update back when I get some more specific details. It might take a little bit since we want to make sure Dev time is going to polishing any issues people hit, but this is on our discussion list.
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