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My feedback and tips so far

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Here's a few things i've noticed over the 24 hours i've put into the game since its release.

1) Fix gas pumps / hydrogen generator. no matter how condensed the hydrogen is, it's never another to power up the generator for any length of time longer than half a second. And since this is currently the only real way to deal with hydrogen, which is a real problem if you use the electrolyzer, its in pretty dire need of fixing. 

2. I've only used the slime converter twice so maybe it was just a fluke both times, but the amount of algae you get out of that thing seems to be so ridiculously marginal that one delivery from the machine to a oxygen producing machine makes it work for about .5 seconds. So my dupes were in this constant, constant loop of picking up like 10g of algae, giving it to a machine, the machine turns on for half a second, then they go back and forth over and over until i prioritize something else (over the course of a day) so maybe make the scale higher, so you put more slime in and get more algae at once? My other idea was perhaps if you leave a natural water supply surrounding by mats, they can slowly grow algae around the edges? :) maybe that's too broken. just a thought. 

3. you can currently make it so specific dupes do specific jobs, which is good, but an idea I found myself wanting a lot is if you click on a specific dupe and make them move to a place/building, they will start working on it. As it is they can only move close to something, then you need to prioritize it. I think if you click "move to" you should be able to activate buildings/ other stuff and they just treat like you told only them to treat something with priority 9 or something. Maybe that's unecessary, idk, just my thoughts

4. it's probably something already in the works, but I'd like to see a use for chlorine!

So i'd say overall the biggest balancing issue I've seen is the amount of algae available in maps, vs the amount of algae you need, even with a slime machine, or if you don't use algae, a better/fixed way to deal with hydrogen (other than just digging up and out forever, which is my current solution but will eventually stop working) 


Thanks if anyone reads this! Game's a blast so far, feels very close to a finished product already, i'm very impressed. 

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