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How to start a localization of this game?

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Hey, I think you should try to get into direct contact with the developers.

I noticed that a lot of chinese do want localisation as fast as possible and I honestly believe it's a very good thing.

There are however legal aspects as well as financial from what I can guess. (legal when fans create that translation as it cant' be shipped/easily bought and financial in case they do pay it themselves which could put a strain on financial resources far earlier than would be safe)

So I believe an email directly to the developers with a proper plan on how to make an early localisation would be the most successful strategy.

Find a few people who would work with you on that, ask them for some guidance on where the data is that needs to be translated.

If not, I think there is a high chance that 3dm will make a localisation at some point in the future, which probably is the least ideal solution for Klei.


I'm amazed by how popular the Klei games are in asia.

I think they'd really benefit from an early localisation also the modding community would benefit a lot more as well (when modding is implemented)


I think it's possible in alpha, but the easiest way would be to reach out to the developers and involve them directly.

Also mention the tens of thousands of people who are concurrently watching those streams of the game at any given minute in asia.

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