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Teams? Factions?

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I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is even possible but why are there no teams/team death match/factions any kind of options or mods for this game. If anyone ever played island troll tribes you would understand what kind of game I want from this

It would really open it up to so much more possibility and it honestly doesn't seem too hard to code (I'm not a coder, i could be wrong) but to be able to only attack another team (and their buildings) but be neutral with yours sounds pretty great. 

Have i missed something and this already exists or missed the post saying this is impossible? 

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well the factions framework really is just a framework after all =D.

But my team survival definitely aims at granting team vs team Survival gamemode. Sadly it caught some dust as I was busy with my studies.

Though I have some time now to continue the work ^__^ - so prepare for glory.

the pig king game mode reallly looks like some fun stuff though *-*


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