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some suggestions for developers

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Hi developers:

    I'm glad to see the new project(Oxygen Not Included) is available at early access. Here are some of my suggestions you might want to check out!

    This game is already popular in china. Why? Because it's already in live stream in many live stream platform. DouYu, one of the leading live stream in china, have about  10,000 people watching this game in a single channel. And DouYu is just one live stream platform and there are more in china.

    Although this game is already popular in china, there are something you might be awared of:

    There are some wired habit of current Chinese steam user: If you don't support Chinese language, people might give it a negative comment. I won't do that, but other people...

    Is is how  Sniper Elite 4, H1Z1, Darkest Dungeon end.

    So you might pay a little attention to the Chinese language support, you've done that in the TGP version of DS and DST right?

    Just a friendly remainder ^_^.

    Your work is brilliant by the way.

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