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Suggestion regarding decor demand

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It seems a little odd that your dupes are disappointed that the mine shaft they are working isn't well furnished, or that they worry about messy floor when up to their elbows in microbial mush. And since decorative objects aren't resource intensive, I find myself simply hanging pictures everywhere, and have my best artist paint a few masterpieces. Once the main base is decorated, I don't have to pay much further attention to it. The only reason I feel compelled to decorate the base at all is to stop stress increasing.

So I have a few suggestions: 

- Change decor to actively reduce stress, rather than increasing stress if decor demands are not met

- Decor only grants a stress reducing bonus to living and recreation spaces (i.e. only decor objects in the area immediate about their assigned bed, mess table, or stress reducing objects will reduce stress, and the stress redicing bonus is only gained while using this objects)

- Stress reduction is dependent on the current decor level about the object the dupe is using, and the decor demands of the dupe

- Uncultured dupes do not get the stress reduction bonus from decor. Cultured dupes get a further bonus to stress reduction

- Dupes will still gain stress if they are constantly working in the dark (so lighting your base is still important)

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- Higher décor areas give modifier buffs to job speeds (basically cooking mush bars in a nicely decorated dining hall would go quicker than grinding them out in an empty room with a cluttered floor). So, digging and sweeping outside the base in the biomes gives you the normal 100% stats, but jobs done within your base go a little quicker as long as you have nice décor and keep it swept).

- Décor could also be used as a modifier for creature behavior. Inside your nicely decorated base, morbs/hatches/pufts act in a more domestic passive manner. In the wild there is a higher chance of them being aggressive.



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