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Stress Toggle or Nerf Stress

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I enjoy the game for it's simulation of shoving people into a concrete shelter under some unknown earth while scavenging for basic resources to survive and hope whatever contraption that churns under the shelter keeps the inhabitants alive but I'm becoming more increasingly frustrated by the stress mechanic and how easy it is to provoke the dupes. Sure, the shelter is cramped but statues exists in most rooms and amenities are provided, including a shower, yet the dupes will complain because they went to the bathroom after interrupting their sleep schedule or they didn't see a statue long enough because they became more entitled resulting them in tearing down the shelter to leave life support to fail or spewing enough vomit to flood the basement while also making additional dupes loose their minds and throw the shelter into a death spiral.

From what I'm aware, there's a few strategies to get around this but the most effective is culling them and to be frank it feels particularly odd to cull dupes for their stress simply being unmanageable. Personally I just want an option to disable stress so I can enjoy a more sandboxy gameplay while still worrying about the chlorine gas wafting down the halls of the shelter or at least have the stress mechanic nerfed make sure entitled dupes don't become the bane of my existence and everyone else in the shelter.

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