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Gas pumping workaround

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I just posted a bug report, but thought the workaround might help people with pumping gases around.

See the bug report for more details, but the shorter version is that gas pumps get stuck on one gas until you reload or rebuild it.  You can control what gas will be pumped out by making sure the pump contents (details tab) contain the gas you want when you save.  Use a gas filter to make sure only the gas you want goes down the line you want. You may have to save and reload multiple times to purge the other gases stuck in the pump.  If you save when there is none of the gas you want to pump in the pump contents (but there are other gases), it will not pump that gas when you reload.

I don't recommend rebuilding the pump since you'll have bottles stuck laying around (you can click them and "destroy building" sometimes).

I've been debugging this all morning, so off to try to fix my mess from pumping CO2 and O2 in the wrong directions for a long time.  Let me know if I have this wrong, but this has been my experience with gas pumps so far.


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Hey, thanks for the welcome!  Yeah, I haven't figured out gas pressure at all.  I think we need barometers. :)

despairbear, you're probably right.  This is my first world, so not much experience except my current arrangement.  But in my world since I noticed the problem, I haven't been able to get more than 1 gas out.  Maybe early on it did, before I saw gases stuck in the pumps, can't be sure.  Maybe it has to do with what they are attached to.  2 of mine are just going to vents, but they go through gas valves first.  The other 2 are both hooked to a hydrogen electrolyzer (might have name wrong).  I'll have to experiment more later.  Thanks for the info.

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