Steam Launch Fatal Error


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I don't suppose any chance of a refund is available? I'm rather disappointed that a low intensity game is having these problems, none of which are being fixed by the solutions offered above. (Thanks for the possible solutions offered, by the way. I appreciate that you are at least trying.) I thought that as the game was being offered on the home page of Steam at a discount price and even had trading cards enabled, that it would not have problems that occur at the start up. This is like Civilization V all over again. Games that can't run for the vast majority due to a programmer error shouldn't be listed in anyway or sold as this is rather cheating buyers out of their money. If it was related to bad computers then yeah, I'd be fine with it, but it's not. :/So yeah. Who do I speak to and / or where do I go in order to obtain a refund of this, if one is available? Regardless of the end result, I will not be purchasing another game from this company or in any way endorsing this game further.

I've been waiting for over a week for some glimmer of help on this. But if I can't seem to get one, I think I'm done and I won't be buying a copy of Shank 2 as I had planned after finishing Shank.

I observe similar discontent over a developer releasing an unfinished game and the repercussions that take place. Unfinished games shouldn't be sold. This is sad. Edited by TurtleYo
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