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Condensation would be a fun mechanic.  Plants (algae terrariums, planters), for instance, could give off water vapor, which would corrode machinery if you don't deal with it eventually.  Create a cooled platform though, and the water vapor turns to liquid and drips down.

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I was having a similar thought recently, it's tied to how my biggest issue with the current build is water magically being removed from the ecosystem entirely. I'm fine with it from a gameplay perspective of forcing you to adjust to changing resource amounts, but it really irks me from a thematic perspective of the closed ecosystem. The nicest thing about condensation is there's kind of already a framework for it in the mechanisms already present, if you made it work similarly to how gas works now, just as a separate entity. It also adds interesting gameplay possibilities such as de-humidifiers to keep important parts of your base dry, as well as giving a few more considerations to the structure of your base, as building close to water has a trade off now.

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