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View duplicants' thought/work history

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It's often times unclear why my duplicants aren't doing what I think they should be doing, or why they're stressed.  A 'thought/work' history tab would be really nice, ala Rollercoaster Tycoon.  This would help understand what is keeping them busy (instead of what I thought they would be doing), and also the events that are affecting the duplicants.  It's also a good opportunity for some fun/flavor:

Cycle 32, hour 18: 'Man, I really worked up a sweat on that manual generator.'

Cycle 32, hour 23: 'Blanche woke me up again, she snores like a morb.'

Cycle 33, hour 9: 'Ugh, I'd be so much less stressed if I had something nice to look at while I'm here at this research station.'

There's so much they can do it may be impractical to write lines for everything, so perhaps only for major events, but then also have a work history tab which isn't as fun but gives useful information when trying to figure out what your dupes are doing:

'Built gas pipe using 100kG of granite.'

'Delivered 100kg of water to Algae Terrarium 5.'

'Produced 5 units of novice research.'

'Produced 67kJ of power running on the manual generator.'


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