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Eating priority & Algae deoxidizer

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1.Eating priority

Currently, my Dublicants eat Meal Lice instead of Liceloaf when both are available. Please prioritise eating so that Dublicants eat processed foods first.


2. Algae deoxidizer

While it may be realistic, currently this basic oxygen creation device appears quite useless as the Dublicants are always converting the oxygen to CO2, therefore the air pressure does not go down (enough? much?) and the machine will not function at max air pressure. Basically, players must always always pick Farming tech as their first tech and must tech it soon before their oxygen runs out since the algae deoxidizer does not function.

I suggest tweaking how much Dublicants reduce air pressure through breathing for gameplay purposes versus realism.


3. Farming tech

This tech is SO important compared to tech rest I suggest just making it a mandatory first tech the players must take before anything else. Makes the game more accessible and removes false "choice" which isn't really a choice. 

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