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Started a Let's Play Series on Youtube

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I started my game over to do a let's play series on Youtube at;

In later episodes, (I'll be posting one a day to this playlist), I'm having some serious problems with duplicants just plain not doing their work and another obscure bug where sometimes algea farm/algea electrolyzers will consumes a full 1K of either water or algea and run for maybe a second. After that they just stop working. I usually don't notice the problem until a lot of my algea supply is wasted or gone. I've tried reloading the game but that usually creates other problems. Like they refuse to make food or run in their hamster wheels even though that's their only job... Any help and/or support for my Youtube series would be very very welcome!


P.S. When destructive duplicants go postal and start breaking stuff, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, can they please have a stress reduction of some sort from each item they break? I have people refusing to work/repair and they are constantly puking/peeing/and breaking stuff. I know the severe lack of water/algea in the game is a high priority right now but I'm just getting ultra tanked by stressed out deviants. lol

Oh P.S.S. Can we pleeeeease have a way to assasinate these lil buggers easier? Just a kill button would work. lol

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