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Oxygen Bottles, Contamination Suits and Laundry

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Oxygen Bottles

When I've created a new area, I find it's nearly impossible to get enough oxygen to it unless I make a specific pipe. My suggestion is an oxygen disperser that can be loaded with an oxygen bottle (an industrial air freshener of sorts).

Obviously you'd also need to create an oxygen bottling plant and return the bottles to be refilled. The bottle production could also be part of the process, but it depends on how deep the mechanics go.

Contamination Suit

The bottles can also be used with contamination suits. The dupes would equip themselves with these suits to avoid the toxic nature of some hostile environments.


To avoid overuse of the suits, they would build up a dirty crust over time, requiring them to be cleaned in the laundry. The laundry would work like the shower, taking in clean water and dumping contaminated.

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I am pretty sure these will become mandatory as the game ages since exploring in this game (now at least) is about making the most pipes get as far you can get them. With those suits you'd even be able to create "expedition teams" to go and clear someplace's hydrogen for example.

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