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Creating information encyclopedia

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This is not as much of a game suggestion, rather a web page one. 

Since this game will soon have more and more different elements (resources, constructables, dupes, their traits...) It would be very nice to have some sort of encyclopedia of everything in the game, so people can check further instructions  about things they don't understand, maybe plan while they can't play, or even check for (known) bugs if something has it.

I reccomend it to be on this page, rather then on separate wikia or something, because it will be more accessible, and devs could update them directly, which means less testing and guessing, therefore more accurate facts :)

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I think there are people working on a wiki for ONI right now. But I doubt the forums would host a wikia/encyclopedia, it's just too much information to hold (take Don't Starve as an example), much easier to build a proper space for it.

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