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Some tips and tricks for ONI

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You can put ladders next to each other (horizontal) and Dupes will go across them. You can also customize what goes in each container by using both the prioritzing system with the filtering system, so for instance if you want only consumable ores then you tick the box like so and set the priority to 6-9 depending on how close it is to the machine using it. Same works for ration bins. Doors can be rotated so they are horizontal or vertical by pressing the O (letter O) key on the keybord.

2017-02-18 (6).png

2017-02-18 (8).png

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I did not know this about the ladders..nice tip. I recently discovered graves may be deleted after the dupe is buried. Quite some time had passed before I removed it to see what would happen. The grave was removed and there was no longer a dead body or a grave lowering my decor. Quite some time had passed before removing it, so that may have been a factor.

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Another handy tip is the amazingness of changing the keybindings. i pretty much made it to where all the useful keys are near the WASD keys. Instead of O being rotate, or F for dig. I also made G be gas.

Also, when digging large areas, you don't need to make ladders or tiles. Use the minable blocks as your tiles and take advantage of their ability to climb up 2 tiles as well as their ability to jump between tiles 1 space apart.

Oh. And as illustrated above, they can stand on ladders.

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