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Massage table interface

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Just a simple suggestion - when selecting a dupe for a massage it would be nice to be able to see dupes stress levels. So I can immediately see which ones should go there.

On a separate note - a whole system for auto sending dupes for massage table when stress is above a set threshold would be great. As of now managing 15 or more dupes and sending each one to a separate massage table is a hassle. But that's not easy to implement I guess, so maybe in some distant future..

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4 hours ago, numberkruncher said:

When you hover your mouse over the brain icon it shows the stress level of each duplicant (see screenshot below).



Yes, and that's how I do it right now. Problem is - I have to look at this menu, remember the dupe name, open massage table menu and then find this dupe in the list.

When you have 4-5 dupes this poses no problem. When you have 15 dupes - it become tedious.

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