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Better Chest Mod - Game Crash


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Hello there,

I have made a mod a long time ago called "Better Chest". For a reason i don't understand, the game crash for some users. It works fine for me with every version of don't starve (don't starve, ROG, Shipwrecked). Here is the description of the problem by a user :


When I have this mod subscribed and i go in-game to enable it, it doesn't load and it crashes the game after clicking "mods". I even tried restarting my game and going straight into a newly made world instead of going to enable it and it crashes the game before maxwell disappears into the ground. :c unsubscribing the mod was the only thing that fixed it and all my other mods work

I really don't understand where the problem is. If someone more experimented than me could help. You could fine every file of this mod in the attached annex.

Kind regards.



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